Nobody likes taxes. There, we said it.


All prices on the website are including 21% VAT. This is the tax to be paid by consumers within the EU. This VAT does not apply to companies within the EU (provided they have a valid VAT number) or anyone outside it. 


When registering on our website you can add your VAT number as a European company. Note that VAT is calculated based on the shipping address! If you are a registered user, check if the valid VAT number is added to the shipping address as well. 

*Please note that the VAT number should be written down with the country code as capital letters and no spaces or dots.


If VAT remains, please check the shipping address in the address book in your account and add the VAT number there as well.

For customers outside the EU, the Dutch VAT does not apply, but you may be charged with custom duties or import charges. These surcharges vary per country / territory and are not included in the shipping costs quoted on our website, nor can you prepay them through us. These are not costs that we can calculate nor influence for you as they are levied by your local tax authorities and / or customs offices. We have a PDF that gives an indication of what you can expect in terms of import duties.

*Please note that this is indicative and can change at any given moment.


If you encounter problems with VAT, please make sure the VAT field is filled in on shipping address. If the problem remains, contact us first before placing and paying for the order: